About us

Telemagic Group AS was established in 2003. TMG has developed a cloud-based telephony solution for an efficient and highly competitive call and contact center system. We have created what many considers to be one of Europe’s most efficient call center systems, including SMS, email and inbound/outbound routing. TMG system allows easy tracking of completed calls and any decisions made during them. Our solutions are well adapted to the current market situation, providing customers increased profitability. We are dedicated to give our customers the highest possible uptime and optimum efficiency. Equally important, we are committed to ensure that our call center system supports the rules and regulations that apply at any time. The company staff of IT professionals has an extensive experience and expertise from the telecommunications industry. Telemagic Group has its headquarters in Arendal, Norway and a department in Helsinki, Finland.

«We are highly focused on keeping great uptime and best possible efficiency while ensuring that our system supports current rules and company regulations in the market.»

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