Cloud-based solution

Why should your company use a cloud-based solution from Telemagic Group?

  • The cloud-based solution is plug and play. Your solution will be ready in only 24 hours.
  • Easy to scale, which means you can increase the capacity of your customer center in few minutes.  
  • It offers great stability, high up-time and tremendous security.  
  • Automatic backup of servers – this is extremely important for you as a customer.  
  • No need for IT personnel whom handles the hardware in the company.  
  • If your customers desire to be on a local solution, TMG can put the server on a VMware solution locally. You can continue the operation immediately.

Telemagic Group has ten years of experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for all server operations. We use Ireland as headquarter and distribute the machines in three, totally separated data centers. We have experienced extremely high up-time and can adjust the capacity of running servers within a few minutes.

The time used for installation of new customers is reduced dramatically, and the storing space is nearly infinite. TMG has servers through AWS in Asia and USA as well, where rolling backup several months back in time is fully automated in four different time zones. To assure the quality of software installed we have also automated a flow. A new server in AWS is started, which goes through an amount of test towards robots in Arendal, Norway, which simulates real agents – everything to ensure that the package available for our customers is flawless.

Artificial Intelligence

The recent months we have used services such as AWS Lambda. AWS Lamda makes it possible to create tailor-made solutions for integrations towards external systems within a few days, and which automatically adjusts the incoming traffic. We have connected a chatbot using Lambda and Artificial intelligence via Alexa to strengthen our algorithms around text recognition.

Over the recent ten years we have built strong relations to AWS and is now testing a new beta product to use at inbound call centers. With todays’, and the futures’ extreme speed when it comes to changes and new technological possibilities, the future is bright for the products which are possible to come through in collaboration with Amazon.

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