TMG offers an intelligent template system where you can merge customer- and sales information in your emails. You can easily build templates which merges the email automatically when adding data to the system. The solution can also generate a landing page automatically. The system can merge the email into PDF, word and HTML documents and can be sent to customer as normal text in the email or as merged text documents.


  • Send offer to customer simultaneously as talking to the customer.
  • Send information directly from the TMG customer card.
  • Use your order confirmation email as a marketing tool for future purchases by offering new products.
  • Full overview if the customer opens the email, eventually when.
  • Bulk email allows you to send campaigns to parts of our customer base.
  • Get verification through email or SMS.
Bulk emails:

Bulk emails save you a lot of time and effort. Add a calling list with email addresses and bulk send the emails before a campaign starts call the customers whom have responded

Send offer on email:

The offer can be merged with other relevant information automatically, and you can add as many attachments as desired in the offer. 

Landing page:

In the system, we can automatically generate a landing page where the order can be verified and confirmed. This page is connected to an email or a SMS which is sent to customer for confirmation/verification. This page can also be used to collect data. When the system receives a verification, a new email with e.g. a withdrawing schema can be automatically sent. 


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