Advantageous, flexible reports are important to keep control and overview over activities and profit. TMG offers two types of reports: Dashboard and Paparazzo, the report generator.  

In the Dashboard you can create reports as you want and export them to Excel. It is easy to extract the information most people ask for. However, if you need more advanced reports with several variables, we offer Paparazzo. 

TMGs own report generator is named Paparazzo. In Paparazzo you can extract all data stored in the databases in the system. From this data you can create lucid reports which can be generated and sent automatically to the correct receivers.  

With the report generator Paparazzo, it is easy to extract complete analysis about activities in the system. Paparazzo makes it possible for TMG customers to create reports about sales history, agent history, address information, etc.

Paparazzo offers you the opportunity to schedule you reports daily, weekly, monthly or whatever suits you, as well. Set up the reports yourself and choose delivery by email, FTP server or APIs. 

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