With TMG, a SMS is not only a text message, it is so much more. Last year, more than 6500 agents used our system to send more than 2,5 million SMS. They were used to collect consent from existing customers, confirmation and verification of sales, alerts to appointments, reminders, etc.

What you can do in the TMG-solution: 
  • Send text messages to customers simultaneous as in a conversation. This is easily done by clicking the SMS icon and choose it in the drop-down menu. 
  • Set up your own text field where you can write the text to the customer. 
  • Insert more templates with pre-defined texts which seller can choose from. 
  • Merge information from customer card directly into the pre-defined text message.  
  • Send reminders to customers when using the booking module. 
  • Receive SMS via the system. The seller will then have a lucid overview of sent and received text messages. 
  • Other parts of the system can be triggered from a text message. If the system receives a SMS confirmation, the sale will be sent as confirmed to employer via sales files, API or email. 
  • Send SMS from phone number or from name, e.g. “TMG”. 
  • Make automatic reminders if your SMS is not answered.

A SMS has several areas of application and can be used in customer surveys where the customer is asked to respond with a number from 1-6, to obtain car mileage or e.g. meter reading of electrical consumption. When this information then gets back to the TMG system, the SMS is automatically read, and information merged into the relevant customer fields.


Many of our customers use bulk SMS merged with excising information frequently. E.g. reminders to pay unpaid invoices, reminders to obtain car mileage or meter reading of electrical consumption, offers to existing customers, text messages filled with information etc.

Obtaining consent:

Many customers use SMS to obtain a consent about contacting the customer at different channels. In 2018, several of our customers used this solution.

Verification of sales:

It is now required to obtain written consent on sales in several countries. Last years, TMG has more than 600 000 verifications on sales through our system. If the customer does not answer immediately, the system got its own reminders. The seller has a lucid history and will immediate see if the verification has been sent back or not. All statistics are updated automatically.  

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