At TMG, a SMS is not only a text message, but so much more. Communication via SMS is easy and efficient and will almost always be read and replied to. Do you have many unread SMS messages on your phone? Probably not. Every year several million SMS are sent by TMG – so you can trust us. We have the expertise required to give your contact center what it needs and help you maintain a professional and orderly communication with your customers.

TMG makes SMS easy!
At TMG it is easy to send SMS both during the call, and afterwards. And the SMS can be used for anything, from obtaining consent and confirmations, to sending customer surveys, reminders, and general information.

TMG is committed to making it easy for the user and keeping all information in one window. Therefore a separate SMS button has been added in the customer card, and all history is available in the customer history on the same page. This way you do not have to navigate to other systems or windows to retrieve required information, which saves time and reduces the risk of manual errors.

TMG offers: 
  • Send and receive SMS
  • Obtain consent
  • Verify sales
  • Send bulk SMS
  • Customer survey
  • Add free text or choose from pre-defined templates
  • Merge information from the customer card with the SMS
  • Use the phone number or a name as sender, e.g., “Telemagic Group”
  • Create rules for automated reminders if your SMS is not answered
  • Complete log and list of all sent and received SMS
  • SMS log with search functionality
  • Reports and statistics
  • Activate other parts of the system from a text message, e.g., if the system receives a SMS confirmation, the sale will be sent as confirmed to employer via sales files, API or email.

Automatically update customer card fields:
When selling electricity and insurance, it is often required to obtain the exact meter reading or milage. When the system receives this information via SMS, it can be automatically registered in the correct fields in the customer card.

Verifications of sales:
It is required to obtain written consent on sales in several countries, and you may use SMS for this. If the customer does not answer, the system has built in reminders which are sent automatically, and everything is displayed in lists putting you in control. 

Obtaining consent
Many customers use SMS to obtain a consent about contacting the customer at different channels. Several of our customers use this solution every day.

Customer survey:
SMS is also a useful tool when measuring customer satisfaction, and with TMG this is incredibly easy. A separate “SMS Survey” button in the customer card sends a predefined text message, and the customer’s response is stored on the customer card and can be retrieved in reports. When you ask for feedback in the form of a simple number as an indication of how satisfied the customer is, it also becomes easy for the customer – which considerably increases the chance for receiving a response.


Many of our customers frequently use bulk SMS, e.g., when sending reminders about overdue invoices, meter reading for electrical consumption, offers to existing customers, etc. This is easy when using TMG and extremely time efficient.


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