Telemagic Group delivers advantageous VoIP and IPT solutions with high stability. 15 years of experience with IPT has given TMG very high competency around SIP communication, and 82 million conversations was delivered via our solutions last year.  Our customer includes surgeries, media houses, schools, customer and call centers.  

GSM Gateways 

Telemagic Group delivers traffic via GSM Gateways as well. Last year, about 5 million conversations went through these. We connect mobile traffic with TMG phone central easily, and you can choose to call from softphones or from TMGs own call systems, however you desire. 


Do you want to send bulk SMS frequently? Telemagic Group got great solutions for this too. In TMG you can set up SMSs that controls if it is replied. If there is no reply on the SMS, you can set up the system to automatically send reminders. This saves you a lot of time and is perfect for reminders on invoices etc. 

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