Great solutions for the home office

With TMG, everyone can work from home, a solution which is profitable for both employee and employer, and use can be scaled as needed.

All you need is a browser and an internet connection
TMG’s effective solutions for the home office provide both high efficiency and high uptime. Usage is scaled as needed, and with simple but secure authentication, you can log in as usual, no matter where you are. The home office solution allows you to handle both incoming and outgoing calls, email, and chat. This provides you with high mobility and independence, and all you need is a PC connected to the internet and a headset.

  • Work anywhere, anytime
  • Very easy to activate
  • All you need is a PC connected to the internet and a headset
  • Valuable additional features for internal communication
  • Great agent reports
  • Full overview of who is logged in from home office

High productivity and full overview
TMG delivers clear agent statistics directly in the system, so that everyone has full control over both their current status and their previous performance. By doing this, focus on productivity is ensured even at home office. And as an administrator, you have access to complete reports, in addition to having full control over who is logged in from the home office in the agent list.

Simple quality assurance
To ensure that the best possible quality is delivered, TMG has built in solutions that make it easier to provide agents with the information they need to deliver the best possible service.

Job Files allows you to upload files for a job or project and is very well suited to product information or other additional information related to a job or project. In this way, the information becomes easily accessible through TMG for those who need it, and you can ensure that the agents get the necessary knowledge.

Sales script can be added to a job or project and contains predefined text that the agents must use in conversation. This makes it easy to ensure the good quality of the content of the conversations.


Flexible internal communication
Good internal communication becomes especially important when the team is not situated under the same roof. To ensure the best possible operation from the home office, TMG offers several good solutions that make it easy for everyone to stay up to date and allow you to support your team members even if they are not physically present in the office. 

Internal chat allows you to easily and efficiently communicate with others on the team, as with any other chat solution. Convenient when you need help with a case or when you need to give a message.

Bulletin board allows the team leader to post important messages that apply to all employees so that they are clearly displayed on the agents’ main page. This is perfect for advertising internal news!

Post-it messages allow the team leader to send short messages to one or several agents. You can easily send messages to everyone working on a specific campaign or a job, and the uses here are many! For example, you can give a pep talk to boost sales towards the end of the workday, or send out an update for a campaign that everyone should know about.

TMG provides you with high mobility and independency, and all you need is on the internet.
Work from home when you need to!


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