Get a complete overview of the entire sales and customer handling process in one system.
This provides unique opportunities. Identify trends, set goals, and take measurements to optimize your business.

Let the systems do the job – they communicate with each other automatically.

Telemagic easily connects with other systems using modern API solutions. Whether it’s smart lookups against external registers directly from the customer card, payment information transferred from the bank, or order information sent to the warehouse immediately after confirmation for picking and dispatch.

As a total supplier, Telemagic functions excellently as a natural hub. Integrations ensure extremely efficient processes and always accurate and correct information. It’s almost like magic!

Get complete control over all your sales channels.

It’s a joy to work with sales in Telemagic! The unique all-in-one solution makes it easy to combine outbound and inbound sales. Online store, telephony, e-mail, social media, or chat – gather everything in Telemagic.

A more comprehensive and seamless solution gives your customer a better experience. Additionally, you can be confident that customers receive top priority – regardless of channel.

Optimize your sales process with modern payment solutions.

Smart payment solutions and integrated inventory systems. Both contribute to making the sales process extremely efficient – and above all, transparent. A reliable and easy-to-use payment process is important to complete the sale. With Telemagic, you can let the customer choose between mobile payment apps, credit card, or traditional invoice.

When the payment solution is part of the overall solution, the content is automatically quality assured. It significantly reduces the risk of errors. Additionally, you get full control over all payments and can let Telemagic handle follow-up of any unpaid invoices. Completely automatically, of course.

Deliver world-class customer service.

In Telemagic, you can efficiently handle all customer inquiries. This is regardless of which channel your customers prefer. When gathering everything in one solution, all information and previous communication is available in one screen. This makes it easy to find the reply to your customer’s questions. In fact, it has never been easier to make the customer experience both relevant and personal.

In addition, you free up both time and resources with smart and automated workflows. Whether it’s automatic call-backs to ensure follow-up of an inquiry, automatic SMS sending to ask for the customer’s rating of the service delivered, or a chatbot which automatically answers the easiest inquiries, Telemagic gives you time to focus on more complex and important inquiries.

Create magical customer relationships.

With TMG as your total provider, you get all the tools you need. Telemagic helps you create good customer relationships and increase customer satisfaction. The solution covers telephony, SMS, e-mail, chat, and social media. This makes you always available in your customers’ preferred channels. It adjusts communication to ensure that the customer always has a personal and good experience. And when the customer feels heard, magic happens.

Experience an easier and more efficient workday.

Choose TMG as your total provider for sales and customer management. This will give you full overview and control of your business. You will get all the tools required to make informed decisions and propel your business forward.

We have extensive experience in optimizing our customers’ sales and customer service processes. Contact us today to learn more or to try the solution for free for 30 days.

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