Visualize your sales

Show off the sales achievements from the call center agents live on the call center. The agent’s motivation will reach new heights! Telemagic Groups visualization of sales gives a valuable and favourable insight for sellers and seller leaders. 

In TMG, you can build your own project board when the projects and campaigns results is shown continuously all day. Insert all fields you want to be shown, which is registered at the customer card.

E.g. number of products, number of sent SMS and emails. As well as the number of conversations (both inbound and outbound or just one), yes and no percentage etc. At every field it is possible to set colour values which appears when the budget is reached.  

Every call center agent gets its own “Top 10” list at the screen when calling. He or she has a total overview over time spent in pause, logged in. And of course, last but not least, number of sales.

Show the sales achievements of the call center agent live on the call center and the agent’s motivation will reach new heights!

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