Contact center

TMG contact center contains a fully-featured phone central and handles advanced routing of inbound and outbound calls. The contact center handles email, social media, chat as SMS as well. The contact center is 100% cloud-based and does not require ant local installation.

Agent can both send and receive SMS directly from the customer card. The Agents’ customer card can be merged with lookups from external systems and information services through simple APIs. Conversations are routed based on the phone number from which it is dialled and can be linked to a job or campaign.

By using TMG Allocator the contact center can at any time decide the number of agents dedicated to social media, chat, email and telephony.

Automatic lookups

TMG contact center has the ability of automatic lookup against the CRM database for displaying external customer cards and offers lookups against both internal and external databases. You can also get a total overview made from self-defined SLA values per project per hour.

TMG contact center gives you a quick overview of all activities with lucid statistics. The statistics contains the number of calls per operator, how many calls are answered within SLA, e.g. 20 seconds and who has been waiting for more than one minute, etc. 

You have the opportunity to tailor the response image to the operators and associate this with one or more queues. You can also set priorities on queues or operators, and you can easily set opening hours on the queues with voice mail, voice mailbox or call forwarding outside of opening hours.

TMG phone central provides full opportunity for call forwarding from the seller’s screen, and you can add your own lists of customers to whom you can forward. You have a lot of opportunities to manage inbound calls: Call everyone, last used, operator with the lowest number of calls, randomly or evenly distributed. Let the customer know which number he is in the queue, eventually let the customer leave his number for call-back.

Functions in TMG phone central:
  • Define dialogues using intelligent IVR menus (key 1, key 2, etc.). 
  • Automatic search in the entire customer database using the Big Data search function. 
  • You can optimize customer processing time using custom menus, key choices and queue messages. 
  • Automatic or manual sending of email/SMS to customer with response opportunities. 
  • Measure the customers satisfaction using SMS scaled 1-6. 
  • API with the possibility of full integration against external systems. 

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