TMG simplifies and automates the workday for their customers and their business clients, and a tool which if frequently used is integrations. This is a way to connect systems that help you create both loyalty and profitability.

Integrations are solutions where information is automatically transferred between TMG’s contact centre and systems used by customers. This can either be built in as part of the workflow or to supplement support processes and is an efficient and secure way to move information.

State-of-the-art REST API solutions and webhooks make it easy for TMG’s experienced developers to set up flexible integrations. An API is an interface where systems exchange information based on requests, while a webhook is a service that sends information based on events. Both methods have their strengths and is used for different scenarios, and TMG has to competence required to select the most suitable solution, and to plan and implement it in the best possible way.

A widely used example of automatic data transfer is sales transfers. This is when the TMG contact centre automatically sends order information to the business client’s system in real time. By doing this, the sales process becomes extremely efficient; the product which has been sold can be shipped within minutes after the order is confirmed and both the end client and the business client are satisfied.

There are several benefits from using integrations:

  • Retrieve information from other systems and include it in the TMG interface. This way, you do not have to navigate to other windows or solutions to obtain the information you need to complete a sale or resolve a case.
  • Avoid duplicate work. When the information is entered into TMG, it is automatically transferred to the customer’s system. This saves time, and saved time is often considered equal to saved money.
  • Ensure the quality of data since manual handling can be affected by human failure. This is avoided by letting the machines do the work.
  • Avoid delaying information as processing is faster when done by machines. In addition, processes will not stop because the person who is supposed to load the data is not in office.
  • Secure your data with safe communication channels, so you do not lose control of where and how your data is stored and moved.

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