Quality Control

Quality assure your work. The TMG back office solution offers you to see through SMS, chat and email as well as the opportunity to listen to recordings. If the communication method has to be changed, it is re-sent to the customer service representative.

In addition to this, the customer communications are extra safe by automatic SMS verifications and email landing pages with confirmation possibilities of sales and deals.

The system can merge contracts which is automatically sent on email. If you are working with door-to-door or stand sales, we offer a signature solution for tablets.

1. Customer service representative can set a value according to how he or she experienced the conversation.
2. Team leader can, when controlling, set their rating.
3. By using customer satisfaction surveys sent on SMS or email, you get to quality assure how the customer experienced the communication.

If you want more complex customer satisfaction surveys, TMG is integrated towards Brilliant which are specialized to deliver these kinds of services.

  • Listen-in on conversations.
  • Automatic listening on conversations and automatic reports using artificial intelligence.
  • Artificial intelligence transforms speech to text.
  • Recordings of conversations.
  • Order confirmation via SMS, email and web-based landing pages.
  • Send and receive emails towards and from customers.
  • Automatic obtaining of car mileage or meter reading of electrical consumption.
  • Automatic messages if inserting wrong text, and possibilities to define what each field should contain.

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