Sales & Marketing

TMG got its own sales and marketing sector which has long experience with building solid campaigns and merge different medias and channels as inbound and outbound, chat, Facebook, webpages, Google etc.  

Everyone working within sales in TMG has 15 years of experience as a minimum when it comes to building campaign in the call and customer center market. In the work we connect a multimedia designer, developers and system architects as well, so your campaigns can be tailor-made for the best results. 

TMG helps the customer to build: 

  • Facebook campaigns and connect these to Lead Generator. 
  • Google campaigns to generate leads. 
  • Websites/landing pages to customers whom desire to collect data from the internet and connect this against the TMG system. 
  • Email campaigns which can be sent from the system, where all replies/responses is either routed to the customers inbound inbox, or where we collect the information from customer via landing pages which is automatically filled out in the customer card.

TMG also helps the customer with:

  • Marketing material, thereof One Pager, flyers, roll ups, pictures, videos, webpages etc. 
  • Setting up chat solutions and chatbots, and connect these to artificial intelligence. 
  • Connecting the system towards Yabber, the interaction analysis, which automatically makes speech to text. Thereafter the text is analyzed, and the customer receives a daily report about what the analysis has found. This service uses artificial intelligence to make the analysis. 

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