TMG Messenger  be more efficient, every day!

New communication channels are constantly developed and your customers may want to use them. With TMG Messenger you can be one step ahead and ensure the good customer experience.

Flexible multichannel solutions
TMG Messenger is TMG’s self-developed messaging system which you can use to handle communication across several channels. This complete system supports email, chat and messages from several systems. In addition, it is flexible and easily adjustable to new channels when required. This way, you can deliver exactly what your customers need when they need it.

Handle telephony and written inquiries simultaneously!
TMG Messenger is built into the existing telephony platform, which means you do not have to navigate between several windows or systems. This makes the workflow  extremely smooth! You can even handle inbound or outboud telephony while answering emails or chat messages, thus increasing your efficiency considerably. You can also use ready-made templates when responding to inquiries, which both ensures quality and makes the job easier and more efficient.

TMG Messenger displays the full conversation history and provides a good overview of the previous communication. When all the necessary information is easily accessible you can provide better help and it will be easier to build good relationships with your customer.

Distribute the workload evenly and secure your SLA
When all your communication channels are merged into one system, it is easy to ensure an evenly distributed workload for your agents. With TMG Agent Allocator running in the background, tasks are distributed automatically according to skills and requirements. You can set a max limit of inquiries each agent should handle to ensure that the inquiries are answered efficiently and within the agreed SLA, and you can add extra agents on the most important queues. The agents will be notified when a new message has been assigned, and if it turns out that assistance from second line support is required, the assigned agent can easily be changed to provide the customer with the necessary help.

Document your performance.
Clear and flexible reports provide you with complete overview. Show the time spent from a case was started until it was closed to document that the SLA is kept to your business client. Or use the numbers to reassign agents to improve the response time even more. TMG simply helps you provide better services!

  • Manage all your communication channels from one system
  • Create great customer experiences by offering all the channels your clients want to use
  • Answer written inquiries while you are in conversation to really maximize your efficiency
  • Get notified when you are assigned a new case so your customer receives a quick response
  • Set the maximum limit for number of inquiries per agent to ensure that the SLA is maintained
  • Use ready-made templates for answers to ensure quality and efficiency
  • Get a full overview of time spent in clear reports

TMG Messenger helps you create great customer experiences!

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