Terms and conditions – TMG Quick Start

Telemagic and services

Telemagic Group AS delivers a cloud-based contact center system for inbound and outbound telephony, supporting complementary channels such as email and SMS. TMG is a Software-as-a-Service which provides you with the latest updated version of our software.

Contract and invoicing
The contract is a 12-month contract, which is automatically renewed with a new contract period of the same length unless the contract is terminated with a 3 months’ notice before the end of the contract period.

During the “Quick Start” period (30 days), the contract can be terminated without further license costs. Other services such as free VoIP minutes are invoiced normally according to pricelist. Other services such as VoIP minutes exceeding 1000 minutes are invoiced normally according to pricelist.

Services are invoiced monthly. The service for the next month is invoiced at the beginning of the respective month with the exception for additional services, which are invoiced when provided, or the following month after the services have been delivered

The payment time for invoices is 10 days. All other prices are defined by the pricelist attachment to the contract. All prices exclude VAT.

Product support
Product support is included in trial period. The first two months of any contract Telemagic will provide extended free support and training of key personnel. Additional support hours are charged on an hourly basis. The hourly cost is 85€ / hour. Support by phone +47 37 40 39 00 and email support@telemagic.no is available on weekdays from 7am until 4pm CET.

If problems are caused by the Telemagic the support will be free of charge.

Limitations during the Quick Start trial period

The customer is limited to the following features during the test period:

  • 1000 minutes of free VoIP
  • One display number
  • 3-5 users
  • Click to call, Progressive calling, Predictive calling and manual calling
  • Return calls
  • Basic reporting and monitoring
    Other services are not included in the Quick Start and can occur costs for the customer according to our pricelist
  • Standard projects with products readymade for BTC and BTB

Customer’s users (agents) need the following equipment before the delivery can take place:

  • PC with Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 or Mac OSx 10.7 or newer
  • Minimum 4GB RAM and 1.8 GHz CPU (two cores)
  • Web access via Internet Browser (Google Chrome or Firefox)
  • Good enough broadband capacity (to be discussed with Telemagic before the commissioning)
  • Headset (USB-connection to client’s PC)

To use the Free Trial the customer needs to have a valid company number and provide full contact information to Telemagic.


TMG delivers cloud-based contact center solutions to more than 6.500 happy agents in 15 countries.

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