CRM solution for call- and customer centers

Handle customer relations and efficient communication using one system only. TMG CRM is a smart and efficient campaign-based customer database which helps you simplify processes and deliver even better quality on behalf of your clients.

Finally, an all-in-one solution which actually works!
A CRM system is a very important tool which collects and analyses customer data. This can be everything from contact information and orders to communication between the customer and your sales agents and customer service staff. There are many great CRM systems available. However, very few covers the requirements and needs of the call- and customer center industry. With TMG CRM you will get the complete overview, good options for analysis and easier reporting without the need to merge various output files. In addition, TMG CRM is seamlessly integrated with Telemagic’s hyper-efficient dialler system and multi-channel solutions, providing you with a complete all-in-one package.

Get the full overview of the customer – across campaigns
TMG CRM is a campaign-based CRM system which both collects and coordinates information from all campaigns and projects related to a business client. With Telemagic, you can set up customized customer cards for each project or campaign. This makes it easy to adjust which information your agents can see. When CRM is activated, the system picks up all information from the various customer cards and presents it in a comprehensive customer profile. This provides you with a complete and always up-to-date overview of all activity, which makes it easy to make good decisions and identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling.

Customer profile or customer card – why choose when you can have both?
With TMG CRM you can have a complete overall customer profile, and at the same time you can select which customer information to display at campaign level. If you activate full CRM history on the campaign, the timeline, customer events and customer log in the customer card automatically update with events from other projects and campaigns. This makes it easier for customer service agents to see the relation between sales conversations and e.g., support enquiries. When you can view outbound and inbound conversations in one place, you easily get the full overview and can see it from the customer’s point of view. This also makes it easier to deliver according to the customer’s needs and expectations. Additionally, you get the opportunity to uncover any weaknesses in your processes and identify where even better customer experiences can be delivered.

Ensure correct and up-to-date information – automatically!
The new CRM customer profile acts as a master profile which manages, and updates, selected customer information. Customer cards in related projects and campaigns are automatically synchronized against the profile:

  • When a customer card is opened, the content is checked against the profile and key information in the customer card is automatically updated with any new information.
  • When a customer card is changed, the CRM profile is automatically updated with new information.

By doing this, you are always guaranteed correct and up-to-date information – everywhere – without having to do the same job twice.

Log important additional information when needed
With the new customer log function, you can add notes, comments, and other information to the campaigns for each point of contact with the customer. Customer notes are automatically logged with a time stamp and name of the agent and makes it easy to save important additional information. Customer notes will of course also be available in the CRM customer profile including all the other information to provide you with a complete picture of the customer relationship.

Campaign-based CRM system with smart synchronization!

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