Telemagic Group AS is expanding in Finland

When signing the contract with Communicare Finland OY, TMG did a huge step into the Finnish call and contact center market. 

Tore Sælen, CEO of Telemagic Group, is looking forward to the collaboration through the upcoming years.

Communicare Finland has been growing fast and has become one of the leading service providers on call center markets in Finland. The success is based on high quality service and well-trained motivated personnel. To maintain, and further develop these key values, Communicare has high demands for their contact center system.

“The system needs to grow together with us, or rather support us to grow and succeed”, says Tom Lindroos, Sales and Production Director of Communicare Finland. “Telemagic was easy to connect with our internal systems with APIs and the scalability and flexibility of the system is simply great! Also, the powerful dialer together with extremely good voice quality is exactly what is needed to be all the time more and more efficient with higher and higher quality of service.”

About Communicare

Communicare Finland Oy is one of the leading contact center companies in Finland offering outsourced phone services, founded in 2011. The entrepreneurs have more than 50 years of experience from the Contact Center industry, experience from more than 3.500 executed outbound and inbound telemarketing campaigns in both B2B and B2C sectors.

Communicare has a total of twelve (12) production sites today and staff volume topped 200 employees the first time in November 2017. Also, the company’s client base has been steadily growing as existing clients are buying more and more services and new clients are steadily coming in. Especially the customer service and switchboard services has grown a lot.

About Telemagic Group

TMG has developed a cloud-based telephony solution for an efficient and highly competitive call and contact center system. We have created what many considers to be one of Europe’s most efficient call center systems including SMS, email and inbound/outbound routing. TMG system allows easy tracking of completed calls and any decisions made during them. Our solutions are well adapted to the current market situation, providing increased customers profitability.

We are dedicated to give our customers the highest possible uptime and optimum efficiency. Equally important, we are committed to ensure that our call center system supports the rules and regulations that apply at any time. The company staff of IT professionals has an extensive experience and expertise from the telecommunications industry. Telemagic Group AS was established in 2003 and has its headquarters in Arendal, Norway. For more information, go to www.telemagic.no.