Easy and efficient customization of your customer cards!

In Telemagic we focus on making the work day as efficient as possible for sales team, customer centers, and all users of TMG Admin where new jobs and campaings are created.

We recently updated the client format pages and creating and managing customer cards has never been easier!

Setting up the customer card is a central task when creating a job or campaign. With TMG Customer Card each campaign can have customized customer cards which optimizes the sales process and makes the customer handling as efficient as possible. You can easily select which information and functionality should be available to the agent, such as which fields will display the customer information, which fields will be required for product and order information to complete the sale, which response options are needed on the outcome buttons, as well as which functionality should be activated, such as options to send e-mail or SMS.

Using our new client format pages, it is extremely easy to optimize the customer card. Use modern “drag and drop” functionality to place the fields exactly where you want them, so that the order matches your team’s sales or support process. The preview updates instantly, and you can select from predefined standard fields or create special fields which you need for your reports or to comply with your business clients’ requests. We have also added some new settings, such as dependencies between fields and access restrictions.

In addition, smart functionality can be activated! Easily add buttons to send SMS or e-mail directly from the customer card. Or how about adding a practical booking module, allowing agents to book meetings and appointments directly from the customer card? All of this easily managed from the new client format page.

An easy-to-use overview page provides you with complete control over existing client formats and lists the jobs connected to each format. You can easily connect a format to several jobs or copy an existing format and make the necessary adjustments for your next campaign. Our larger customers often work with several servers, and now it is also possible to easily transfer client formats between servers!

Telemagic is extremely flexible, making it adaptable to various needs and requests. At the same time, we focus on easy and efficient solutions, and have already received a lot of great feedback on how incredibly easy it has become to customize the customer cards, allowing you to spend your time on more important tasks, such as supporting and assisting your agents and follow up your business clients. 

And it doesn’t end here, as the customer card is still developed further. New functionality and updates will be available this fall.