TMG Administration with new and smart functionality

Search engines such as Google, as well as sites where the search is an important part of the user experience, such as YouTube and Facebook, play a key role in most people’s daily use of the internet. As we get accustomed to using the search to find relevant content easily and efficiently, we naturally expect this simplified navigation option also in other websites. In fact, surveys show that almost half the visitors of a website immediately go the page’s search bar to search for and find content quickly.

Telemagic is a system with an extensive list of useful and smart functionality and with flexible set up options for customization and adjustments. All choices and settings to optimize the system are made in TMG Administration. This is also where the required information is found, which assists in making important and correct decisions.

A new search field at the top of the TMG Administration site has simplified the navigation, making it easy and efficient to search for the page you need to adjust settings or find information. The search results contain informative page descriptions making it incredibly easy to find the correct page. There are also great plans for additions to the search functionality in TMG Administration.