Reading of addresses/customizing files

When reading your first file into a campaign in TMG, the system will automatically use names in the header as a template. Mark what is the phone number, first name and last name, so the system understands which number to use. You can add the country code to be used as well. 

Address Management

When starting a calling campaign, it is important to be able to add addresses into the system, and make sure these do not match the addresses added last month. In TMG you can wash new addresses against addresses added to earlier campaigns, reservation register or other stop-files. This way you avoid your customers being contacted more than necessary.

Lead generation from social media, google campaigns etc.

You can send leads from Facebook or other sources such as CRM systems directly into a campaign in the TMG system. The system can prioritize the leads automatically when they arrive in the job. A cleaning for duplicates in the campaign or cleaning against other campaigns is run automatically.

Address washing/twin analysis with use of artificial intelligence

If you have lists with your customers, TMG can segment these after special criteria. TMG can perform twin analysis to find the customers whom are most topical to contact. This leads to customers who do not want to be contacted avoids this.  

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