TMG offers several different chat solutions, both basic and advanced, so you will definitely find one that meets you and your business clients’ needs. With TMG you can use one of the most popular communication channels when creating the great customer experiences.

TMG Chat – easy and efficient
Chat is an increasingly popular communication channel where you want to be available to your customers. TMG delivers its own chat solution which covers all your basic needs and can be very easily set up on any website. The conversations are handled in TMG Messenger, which is an integral part of the contact centre. You select and update the opening hours and colour schema yourself on the administration page in TMG so that it suits your branding, or your client’s branding. Then simply copy and paste the code snippet into your website, add some agents to handle the channel, and you’re ready to respond to inquiries and create great customer experiences using TMG chat.


  • Manage all your communication channels within one system
  • Answer written inquiries while you are in conversation to really maximize efficiency
  • Get notified when you have been assigned a new case to ensure that the customer receives a quick reply
  • Set the maximum number of inquiries per agent to ensure that the SLA is kept
  • Very easy configuration of layout and opening hours
  • Good and clear reports
  • Use one of our specialized partners for your more advanced needs

First class partners
TMG has several extremely good partners who deliver advanced chat solutions directly into the TMG system. Whether it is to build an effective marketing chat and leads generator, or to set up intelligent chatbots to take care of the initial customer contact and answer the simplest questions so that your agents can spend their time more efficiently. Examples of chat providers that TMG definitely can recommend are Intercom and Lekane.

Distribute tasks and remain in control with TMG Agent Allokator
Channel management and agent assignment are set up in TMG Agent Allocator regardless of which solution is chosen. If you already have a chat solution that you are particularly happy with, this can also be connected to TMG using the allocator. By doing this you will get full control over agent workload, which agents are responsible for which channels, and ensure that the channels which need priority are handled accordingly.

Improve collaboration with built-in internal chat
TMG can also be delivered with internal chat which is an excellent tool for improving internal communication. This is especially useful when many agents are working remote. Using the internal chat makes it easy to pass on a message or get assistance, without interrupting anyone in the middle of a phone call.

Meet your customers in their preferred channels with chat from TMG!

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