Top modern speech-to-text functions

TMG launches top modern solutions based on text-to-speech and speech-to-text. In October, Microsoft announced that they are launching speech-to-text in Norwegian. Both Word and Outlook will receive this feature. Speech-to-text means, as the term suggests, that a machine can transcribe audio to text real-time. When this feature is released, Norway becomes the first Nordic country to receive native speech-to-text from Microsoft.

Google has also announced that they will transcribe real-time audio directly on their new Pixel phones without using traffic or cloud-based hardware.

In addition, TMG has developed a new feature which converts speech into text. This can, for example, create text from conversations and recordings. A Text Editor which allows you to edit the text has been added as well. The converted text is printable. This feature can be used in many contexts, e.g.  for customer complaints, contract reviewal, customer service training, etc. We look forward to testing this exciting feature with our customers!

Telemagic Group AS also works with TMG Analyzer, an analysis tool that analyzes the text that has been generated. Based on the analysis, TMG Analyzer will notify TMG Commander which starts tasks such as sending email and chat replies, retrieving specific data and information, etc. Together, TMG Analyzer and TMG Commander will analyze text and give commands to the system about what is going to happen next.

The new speech-to-text feature is available in all Nordic languages ​​as well as English.